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What good is website traffic that doesn’t convert into real business?

Search engine marketing connects your business with your target customers at the precise moment they’re searching for the type of products or services you sell — potentially driving an enormous amount of traffic to your website. But 60% of companies are reportedly dissatisfied with the results of their search engine marketing campaigns.*

AIS Media’s exclusive Conversion-Driven SEM™ (Search Engine Marketing) program delivers what other search engine marketing programs are missing. In addition to driving highly targeted website traffic, our Conversion-Driven SEM™ program also provides the marketing and technical expertise to convert that traffic into real business. After all, this is the metric that truly matters.

How Conversion-Driven SEM™ works

When you select AIS Media’s Conversion-Driven SEM™ program, it’s like adding an entire team of creative, marketing and technical experts to your staff that specialize in search engine marketing, landing page and micro-site design, and conversion optimization. Conversion-Driven SEM™ is proven to deliver measurable results fast. It consists of the following 5 steps:

  1. Review. Our expert interactive marketing consultants review your existing online marketing program(s). We review your website, look upstream at your sources of traffic, and review your website analytics, conversions, and your main competitors.
  2. Strategize. We collaboratively establish clear online marketing goals and define your KPIs (key performance indicators) i.e. leads, sign-ups, or sales. We’ll determine the most appropriate search engine marketing strategy: search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), or an integrated approach.
  3. Design. Our award-winning Creative Services and Technical teams then create all necessary assets such as landing pages or micro-sites and make any required updates to your website.
  4. Execute. We combine search engine marketing best-practices with advanced tools to implement a highly targeted search engine marketing program that maximizes your conversions and marketing ROI.
  5. Analyze & Optimize. Through multivariable testing (MVT), our teams test alternative landing page designs against one another (A/B), analyze results, optimize your campaigns, and deliver clear reports that demonstrate performance from click to conversion.

Is your company an ideal candidate for Conversion-Driven SEM™?

While Conversion-Driven SEM™ can deliver astounding results, every company has unique strengths, challenges, and opportunities. We carefully evaluate each potential client engagement and align ourselves with those that enable us to make the greatest measurable impact.

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*Search Engine Marketing Industry Survey